Family. Creating. Enjoying Life. Finding Beauty Everywhere. Shiner Bock.

No, that's not my business philosophy. That's my personal life motto and the things that get me out of bed every morning...ok, maybe not the Shiner Bock. But it definitely deserves a mention up there!

I'm Nikki Miller, the creative eye and hard-working business mind behind the lens at Nikki Miller Photography. NMP was born in 2015 out of my desire to have something of my own-something creative, productive, hopefully lucrative, and challenging-after experiencing severe PPD with the birth of my second child. I had picked up a camera a few years before when I was pregnant with my first, but photography became a healing outlet for me as I navigated early motherhood and the onset of anxiety and depression. Throughout the years of photographing families of all shapes, sizes, and orientations, I learned to cherish my own family experiences on a deeper level. In turn, I strive to find the uniqueness of each family I work with and highlight it during their portrait session. To me, family is above all else about being imperfectly perfect for one another!

Picture of Nikki and her sons at the table working on homeschool assignments
A view of Nikki teaching a homeschool lesson through the classroom window.
Nikki listening to her son explain a homeschool assignment
Son completing a homeschool assignment while Nikki works with his brother in the background.
Nikki comforting her son as he struggles with a tough assignment.
Nikki observing her son having a meltdown during homeschool

For the 2020-2021 school year we homeschooled due to the COVID pandemic and the wonderful Stephanie Murphree Photography, LLC captured a bit of our everyday routine. I love seeing the connection between me and my sons here, something I wouldn't have such tangible evidence of without these photos!

Photography and family photos are luxuries, but they are also vitally important. I have photographed families in every stage of life from days old newborns to a beloved father's final days. While I specialize in more "traditional" family portraits, I encourage all of my families to imagine what it is they most want to remember about whatever stage of life they are in. Do your toddlers only wear Mickey Mouse and cry at the drop of a hat? Believe me, I've been there. I have the photos to prove it. And I am so glad I do, because believe it or not there comes a day you forget that tiny detail and when you see the photo you will be inundated with a flood of other beautiful memories. Does your husband HATE having his photo taken? Mine did, and then he was in a terrible car wreck 2 weeks after our first family photo session in years and almost died. We got our photos while he was in the hospital and suffice to say he has never complained about having his photo taken ever again. Is your house constantly a mess and you could never think of letting a photographer in for an in-home session? In 2020-2021 I homeschooled my boys because of the COVID pandemic and with the entire family home all the time our house was a hot mess. Still, I invited a photographer over to capture our homeschool day because I knew that time together, while difficult, was precious and fleeting. I worked hard to make it work for our family, and I wanted to remember all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. My photography philosophy is to treasure the moment you are in, not the moment you wish you had. If this sounds like you, then friend you are in the right place! Contact me to set up your next memory making session. I promise, you won't regret it.

See you on the other side of the lens,